Breakthrough Website Design Success

Breakthrough Website Design Success

Dr. Bill Haig applies his proven “credibility-based logo design”© process to increase website conversion rates and teach designers to create websites that communicate and sell.

In the early stages of the online conversion cycle, it’s common to make judgments based on first impressions – the company logo and home page design. The design of the logo and website must be credible. The customer must trust the company behind the website from a few visual cues at first glance.

If not, over 90 percent of visitors will leave within 10 seconds according to Google Adwords:

“So you refined your keywords, optimized your bids, and written AdWords text ads that pull in tons of targeted clicks. But after looking at your Google Analytics reports you realize that your landing page has a bounce rate of 91 percent. This means that 91 percent of the users coming to your site are quickly glancing around and leaving deciding this site isn’t for them.”

The solution? When a company logo and its website design work together using the principles of credibility persuasion, the two have the potential to trigger greater trust and interaction with the website at first glance. As a designer, your goal is to increase conversion rates for your client. This online course addresses this problem and presents a successful solution. You’ll learn how to use credibility principles in logo and website design to enhance the company credibility traits that lead to online conversions.

This course is about how we persuade and move people to action. You’ll learn to take the power of credibility based logo design working together with credibility based website design (a theory Dr. Haig championed from the teachings of his legendary mentor, Saul Bass) to create websites that reduce lost customers, increase the potential for sales and thus improve conversions.

In one week you will walk away with new knowledge on how to use credibility persuasion principles to design websites which sell. You’ll be able to explain, plan and develop the overall design of websites at the highest professional level.

Course Objectives:

  • Master using credibility based logo and website design principles, together, to increase conversion rates & the overall effectiveness of company websites
  • Tap persuasion psychology and communication and apply this knowledge to the overall look of successful websites
  • Improve communication with your client to retain and obtain new business
  • Apply the ten, proven rules for successful website design
  • Use the company website as important branding strategy
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