Design Critique Services

NOW available! Customized reviews and advice on your design work!

You look to HOW and Print for design industry news, inspiration and online education. Now, HOW and Print are able to support you and your design career even more with our new Design Critique Services program!

When you sign up for a critique, you’ll get one-on-one attention from industry veterans who’ll provide detailed, thoughtful feedback. Applying this constructive criticism to your work or portfolio can help you go on to better achieve your career goals, like a promotion or new client.

Click here to meet our reviewers: Mark Kingsley, Roy Levitt and Patrick McNeil!

Currently, Design Critique Services is offering:

Web Design CritiqueWeb Design Critique ($69.99): Whether you’re working on information architecture, wireframes, prototypes, a website or an email, a Web Design Critique will connect you with an industry expert in the interactive field who can give you the customized feedback and advice you need to insure you’re creating the ultimate web solution for your company or client. Purchase your critique today!


Print Design Critique ($69.99): Whether you’re a freelancer designing new business cards, or your in-house designing packaging for a new product, it never hurts to have a second set of (experienced) eyes look over your work. Avoid costly errors, or find new direction—there are so many ways a strong critique can help get your current project where it needs to be. Purchase your critique today!


Portfolio Review ($199.99): Design Critique Services can help whip your portfolio into shape. With your review, you’ll get one-on-one interaction with a design industry expert who can provide strategic advice, give you feedback on strengths and weaknesses, and give you direction on how to insure your portfolio will make the strongest impact, and communicate the value of your work. Purchase your review today!

You will receive the following with your online design critique:

  • Overall evaluation of strengths and weaknesses
  • A strategic plan with clear takeaways for improving either your portfolio or work-in-progress
  • Examples and techniques you can use to guide your ongoing professional development

In 2013, we will be adding Résumés, Proposals, Business Plans and Creative Briefs to our list of Design Critique Services. If you would like to be notified when these services are available, sign up to receive updates!