Intro to Final Cut Pro X

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never worked with video before, because after these lessons you’ll be confident in your newfound editing skills. In this class we’re going to cover all manner of editing techniques for both documentary and narrative video projects. We’ll start with a walkthrough of the Final Cut Pro X interface and work our way through to the various delivery methods available—both digital and physical.

Along the way you’ll use the provided footage to tell a story that’s uniquely yours while learning advanced concepts like audio synchronization, multi-cam editing, and color correction. In the end you’ll have everything you need to get started working in this field.

Note: You do not need to purchase Final Cut Pro X to complete this course. Instead, you can download the program demo when the course begins, and you’ll still have time to complete the course within the 30-day free trial period.

andrew-gormley-headshotAndrew Gormley is an Apple-certified Final Cut Pro X editor based out of Philadelphia where he works to help small-to-medium sized business clearly and concisely tell their stories through video. With almost seven years of experience both shooting and editing, he’s been lucky enough to work with all manner of clients ranging from Mom and Pop shops around the corner to Fortune companies.

Workshop Length:

3 weeks


$169 $59.99

Recommended Materials:

  • a Mac computer running OS X 10.9 Mavericks
  • full or demo version of Final Cut Pro X
  • approximately 10-15GB of free space

Start Date:

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  • Learn the basic terminology and techniques associated with video editing
  • Identify the most efficient organizing and editing workflows
  • Find and develop your editing style
  • Showcase your finished product for the class
Who Should Take This Course:
  • Photographers looking to move into the world of video
  • Designers/Illustrators looking to bring their work to life
  • Current video editors who want to expand their skillset
  • Anyone with even a passing interest in bringing a story to life

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Lesson 1: The Basics

  • Videos:
    • Intro and Housekeeping
    • Final Cut’s File Structure
    • Traditional Track-based editing versus Final Cut’s Storylines
    • Exploring the Interface
    • Import Options
    • Importing Your Footage
    • Organization and Tagging
    • Compiling Your Rough Cut
    • Setting the Editing Preferences
    • Advanced Trimming Techniques
    • Ripple Roll Slip and Slide
  • Project
    • Create a 30 to 60 second rough cut using the techniques gone over in this lesson include insert edits, appended edits, connected edits, and auditions. Provide a screenshot of your timeline so we can see how you crafted your story.

Lesson 2: Making the Story Your Own

  • Videos
    • Storylines, Primary and Secondary
    • Compound Clips
    • Multicam Clips
    • Backing Up Projects and Autosaving
    • Making Audio Edits
    • Adding Music to Reinforce the Edit
    • Audio Enhancements and the Inspector
    • Working with Effects
    • Transitions
    • Generators
    • Titles
    • Themes
    • Placeholders
  • Projects
    • Create a new video or build upon your original one. This edit should be up to 2 minutes in length and include the following components:
      • An opening title
      • A soundtrack
      • Lower thirds introducing the interviewee
      • Properly balanced audio levels
      • An effect placed on one or more of your clips
      • One or more transitions between clips
    • Create a Storyboard
      • Working with the Placeholders we discussed in this lesson, compile a 30-45 second storyboard recreating a scene from your favorite film. Feel free to record and insert your own take on the dialogue.

Lesson 3: Your Final Cut and Sharing Your Work

  • Videos
    • Retiming clips
    • Freeze Frames
    • Working with Images
    • Working with Photoshop Files
    • Synchronizing External Audio
    • Creating and Editing Multicam Clips
    • Primary Color Corrections
    • Secondary Color Corrections
    • Markers and the Timeline Index
    • Exporting and Sharing
  • Final Project
    • Using everything we’ve learned, create the final cut of your video. It should be no less than 1:30 in length, have all of the elements we covered in the previous project, and optionally any color corrections you feel add meaningfully to your work.
  • Explain your process
    • I also want you to briefly explain your process in a sentence or two. What features did you find particularly useful in creating your project? Which ones didn’t you use at all? Were things like effects more of a help or hindrance? The responses are unique to each editor, so I’d like to hear yours.