An Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights for Graphic Designers

Many graphic designers confuse copyrights, trademarks and design patents. Moreover, some well-entrenched rules of thumb are mere myths that—if followed—can get you into legal trouble.

In this course, William M. Borchard will teach you what intellectual property rights are, how you can protect your design work, how you might be infringing the design rights of another, to what extent you can use another’s designs, and practical steps you should take for protection and to avoid infringement.

Find out how these rights differ from each other and from the related rights of privacy and publicity, trade dress, domain names and trade secrets. Find out how these rights apply to the newer developments of web design, Internet sources and 3D printing. You also will be given practical tips about how you can protect yourself when working for others.

Borchard.William-low-resolutionWilliam M. Borchard has been concentrating on intellectual property law for over 40 years. His clients have included both graphic designers and companies that employ them or engage their freelance services. He is counsel to the New York intellectual property law firm Cowan, Liebowitz & Latman, and he wrote, and annually updates, the a well-regarded pamphlet called “A Trademark is Not a Copyright or a Patent.”

Workshop Length:

4 weeks


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  • Learn how each form of IP differs from the others and applies to graphic design
  • Learn why it is important for you to understand and use these rights
  • Learn how to protect your graphic design creations
  • Learn how to avoid infringement claims by others
  • Learn how employment and engagement contracts can affect your rights
  • Learn international aspects of IP rights
Who Should Take This Course:
  • In-house designers
  • Freelance designers
  • In-house managers
  • Agency leaders

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Click here for a complete course syllabus.

LESSON 1: Overview and copyrights
LESSON 2: Trademarks and trade dress
LESSON 3: Design patents and trade secrets
LESSON 4: Comparison, review of myths, 3D printing, and practical steps to take