Breakthrough Logo Design and Branding Success

Dr. Bill Haig breaks down his “credibility-based logo design”© process. A model he championed from the teachings of his legendary mentor, Saul Bass.

Dr. Bill Haig is the only Ph.D. in logo design and branding because of his pioneering work in applying credibility principles in communication persuasion to logo design persuasion and extensions of credibility into all company branding. In the 1960s, Dr. Bill Haig worked with Saul Bass as his logo planning and account manager, working with all client logo accounts for many years. Dr. Haig benefited from Bass’s teachings, learning about logo design and branding, and went on to develop an approach that he’s coined, “credibility-based logo design.”

In this course, Dr. Haig will break down this concept and teach you how to design logos that sell. He says it’s about credibility, and persuasive communication. In just two weeks, you’ll walk away with a greater understanding of how to plan a logo design project with your client, create effective logo design solutions, and be able to pitch yourself and your ideas.

Dr. Bill HaigDr. Bill Haig has worked in branding for more than forty years, and is considered the authority in the application of source credibility principles to the design of company logos. He coined the term, credibility-based logo design which he has discussed in numerous published articles and his book, The Power of Logos: How to Create Effective Company Logos.

What Students Are Saying
“I feel like I am properly armed for my next logo and branding project. I think I’ll save a ton of time by doing the correct research and understanding the client’s business and needs and traits.” — David W.

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Workshop Length:

2 weeks


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  • How to speak the client’s language.
  • Breakthrough concepts in logo design, focusing on persuasive communication
  • Breakthrough concepts for brand image building—credibility-based branding
  • The importance of consistency in branding
  • The ten rules designers must know to develop a logo and branding system that works
Who Should Take This Course:
  • Creative freelancers
  • In-house and agency designers
  • Agency account service professionals and strategists

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Lesson 1: Credibility-based logo design
  • Brief history of the logo
  • What is credibility-based logo design?
  • How does credibility work in logo design?
  • How do you create a credibility-based logo?
  • A credibility-based logo design case history
  • A Word about logo design, persuasion and common ground
  • Nonverbal communication
  • Reading: Ten strategies summarized for effective logo design
  • Reading: Steps to Achieve Client Final Logo Design Approval
  • Assignment
  • Quiz
Lesson 2: Brand credibility
  • Integrated Brand Credibility Promotion
  • Touch points in Integrated Brand Credibility Promotion
  • Examples of touch point logo implementation
  • Implementation wall
  • Graphic standards manual
  • Case Histories
  • Assignment
  • Quiz

What students are saying about this course:

“”I found the information taught in this course to be very useful, and I will definitely use what I have learned on my current and future logo and branding projects.” — Lauren W.

“Dr. Bill Haig’s course on Breakthrough Logo Design and Branding Success was both inspiring and informative. As a designer the course gave me a greater understanding of how to plan the design elements of the logo before beginning the design phase, the importance of credibility-based traits and getting a verbalized agreement from the client before starting the project. Dr. Haig’s feed back on my project submission was indispensable and I will continue to apply the knowledge I have gained from this course to all of my design projects in the future.” — Jill H.