Principles of Web Design

The perfect starting place for print designers looking to move to the web.

Patrick McNeil, the author of the Web Designer’s Idea Book series and the content director of HOW Interactive Design, has been building websites for years and knows both the design side and the development side. In this workshop, the first in a series, you’ll learn web design fundamentals through videos, readings and links. This design course is for absolute beginners and will teach you the basics of the web and give you a technological understanding of how things work online.

Patrick McNeilPatrick McNeil, the creator of Design Meltdown, is the content director for HOW Interactive Design and the author of the Web Designer’s Idea Book series. He’s not only an HTML teacher, he can instruct in all the fundamental languages of the web—JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, and more.

What Students Are Saying
“”I’ve always worked through the planning, info architecture and the UX of print projects with my clients, but I didn’t have this language or specific processes to refer to and utilize while ‘pretending’ to be a web designer. It’s so great to put all these same thought processes and exercises that have applied to print into a new perspective, with updated technology and endless possibilities. I’ve already utilized about 90% of what I’ve learned in the Week 3 lesson just in the last two days.” — Sally P.


Workshop Length:

4 weeks


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  • Learn the language of the web (You’ll finally be able to decode all that alphabet soup!)
  • Learn the technological basis of a website
  • Discover how your design skills can transfer from print to web
  • Learn about the new developments in web design
  • And you’ll also discover how to learn what you need to know next.
Who Should Take This Course:
  • Experienced print designers making the transition to web and interactive design
  • Creative professionals unfamiliar with the language of the web

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Lesson 1: Web 101
  • What is a website?
  • Basic building blocks of a website
  • Layers of the web
  • Web Design Tech Glossary
  • Quiz
Lesson 2: Intro to Web Design
  • What makes designing for the web different?
  • Applying your print skills to the web
  • What are content management systems?
  • Video: Making the Move from Print to Web
  • Quiz
Lesson 3: Essential Concepts
  • Software options
  • Planning your project
  • Grid systems
  • “The fold”
  • Responsive design
  • Information architecture
  • User experience
  • Quiz
Lesson 4: Next Steps
  • Do you need to learn to code?
  • What to design for
    • Basic HTML elements
    • Four building blocks of a website
    • Details
    • Backgrounds
    • Form validation
    • Navigation states
    • Button and form control states
  • Working with developers
  • Next steps
  • Photoshop File Organization Checklist
  • Web Design Checklist
  • Video: “Can’t Designers and Developers Get Along?”
  • Quiz