Product Packaging Design Strategy

Ever dreamed of designing consumer packaged goods? The key to great package design is using strategy to capture, serve and delight the product’s target market. In this hands-on workshop, you’ll go through the steps used by major marketing companies in project creation to redesign packaging for an existing product.

You will develop a packaging solution that attracts visual attention through the use of typography, color and graphics, using strategic and conceptual thinking. You will be given the opportunity to quickly manifest designs from inception to completion. At the end of the course, you’ll have a packaging design case study to add to your portfolio.

Jennifer TauschWith more than a decade of experience working on some of the world’s best known brands, Jennifer Tausch is the creative director for LPK Beauty in Cincinnati, leading a creative team in brand and design strategy. She’s also taught design at the Art Academy of Cincinnati and worked as an independent design and brand strategist.

What Students Are Saying
“I’m really satisfied with how the instructor interacted with me and gave me honest, useful and constructive criticism. I’m also very pleased with this course and feel that I can use this project as a part of my portfolio. I can also use the skills I’ve learned in my future design projects. Thanks.” — Shauna V.

Product Packaging Design Strategy

Workshop Length:

4 weeks


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  • Create a successful package design that is revolutionary to the category and evokes a relevant emotional experience for consumers at shelf
  • Follow a creative process map
  • Dive deep into a category, product and brand
  • Create holistic conceptual spaces that will tell an emotional story to your consumer
  • Create a purposeful experience through package design
  • Validate your work through research with consumers
Who Should Take This Course:
  • Freelance designers who need to add a package design case study to their portfolios
  • In-house designers new to package design
  • Design students who’d like to add package design to their portfolios
Prerequisite (or comparable experience):

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  • Starting Your Redesign
    • Problem statement/Objective
    • Exercise: Decide your product focus for the course
    • Exercise: Collect all information, visuals, history of the product or brand
  • Who is the Competition?
    • Exercise: Audit the category with focus on direct competition
    • Understand the current shopping experience
  • Find the Opportunity
    • Exercise: Find the whitespace – strategy mapping
  • Create the WHO
    • Bring your target to life
    • Exercise: create an IDT (Inspirational Design Target)
LESSON 2: What
  • Create Design Spaces
    • Define the concept area that will inspire your designs and fulfill the unmet needs of the brand and category.
    • Define a toolbox with design principles
    • Exercise: Create a design space
  • Sketch
    • Exercise: Begin exploring in sketches or thumbnails
  • In-store Experience
    • Exercise: Recreate a current shelf/in-store to place your sketches in context
  • Design
    • Exercise: Select at least three sketches to further execute
LESSON 4: Validate & Refine
  • Research
    • Exercise: Validate your work with your target through research
  • Refine
    • Based on feedback from research, refine the package design
    • Final Exercise: refine the package design