Strategies for Creative Freelancers – Winter 2014

A day of online presentations-on-a-theme for creative freelancers and creative entrepreneurs. Brought to you by the Creative Freelance Business Conference.

The theme for this second offering in our new series of online presentations (Strategies for Creative Freelancers) is Work/Life Balance and we’ll address these elusive issues relevant to everyone whose line between work and life is blurry:

  • Traveling while working 
  • Parenting while freelancing 
  • Tools to make your work easier 
  • How do you do your day?
  • Balancing the work you love, with the life you want
  • Juggling the demands of live and work while simultaneously expanding creative skills
  • Dealing with roadblocks and rejections along the way
  • And as a permanent feature of these quarterly events, we’ll hear about 2 new “passion projects”:

In this January 2014 session, you’ll get a one-day all-access pass to content in 4 tracks (see outline/schedule below). Each track includes live webinars and/or videos, the opportunity to participate in live chats via a discussion board and a chance to network with fellow creative freelancers and experts. 

2014eCalCover125Registration also includes a FREE COPY of Ilise Benun’s 2014 Marketing Plan + eCalendar for creative professionals (a $39 value)!

This simple, entirely downloadable marketing plan + eCalendar will tell you exactly what to do every day — to balance your work/life without overwhelming you or your calendar. Includes: a 21-page pdf downloadable document that explains simply and clearly the 4 best marketing tools for creative professionals and how to use them, a weekly marketing checklist (a handy cheat sheet of how to use the tools – literally, what to do each day of the week), an electronic calendar that syncs with your iCal, Google Calendar or Outlook and pops up every day with your marketing task, Marketing Mentor’s Stay-on-Track Spreadsheet and much more!

Presenters Include:

Ilise BenunIlise Benun is a national speaker and the author of several books. She’s a regular contributor to HOW Design and is the lead editor of the Creative Freelancer Blog. Ilise is a frequent speaker at HOW events, a regular Design Tutorial presenter and the co-founder of the Creative Freelancer Conference. She is the founder of Marketing Mentor, where she works closely with creative professionals, teaching them how to best develop their business through creativity, sell their services and talents, and implement efficient systems and procedures to run the business smoothly. Learn more about Ilise here.
Mark PowersMark Powers is a percussionist, educator and author who has studied, performed and taught throughout North America, as well as in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the South Pacific. He has shared the stage with everyone from Cheap Trick’s Rick Nielsen, Devon Evans (of Bob Marley and the Wailers), Rolling Stones saxophonist Tim Ries and America’s Polka King- the late Frankie Yankovic, to disco sensations The Afrodisiacs and 80’s nerd-rockers The Spazmatics. Mark facilitates a variety of percussion programs, teaching students of all ages in schools around the world, as well as working with adults in rhythm-based corporate leadership/teambuilding workshops and correctional facilities. Learn more about Mark here.
Desiree Walsh SpencerDesiree Walsh Spencer is a designer, speaker, teacher, mother, business owner and a fighter for great design. As the owner of Insomniac Design Studio, an Omaha-based design house, she makes sure that your brand never sleeps. Desiree leads a very small army of two kiddos with limitless imagination and boundless enthusiasm which provide the force she needs to to make great design happen and the focus to only chase the clients that matter. Learn more about Desiree here.
Tom TumbuschTom N. Tumbusch writes copy that creates action for creative professionals and green businesses. He publishes a free writing tips newsletter each month and periodically shares more casual wisdom on the WordStream of Consciousness Blog. His tiny solar-powered corner of the Internet can be found at Learn more about Tom here.
Donna Olah-ReikenDonna Olah-Reiken founded Preferred Small Business Solutions (PSBS) to focus on what she likes best about business: fostering the growth and productivity of small companies. Having held positions at the Securities Industry Automation Corporation (SIAC), the NYC Parks Department, and Data Study, among others, she decided to apply her experience with project management, information systems, and financial analysis to new and established small businesses. She grew up working in her family’s small retail business on Long Island, and went on to earn a BA in finance from SUNY Binghamton, and an MBA in information systems from Pace University. She is also a certified Advanced QuickBooks Pro advisor. Learn more about Donna here.
Jenny PoffJenny Poff is a born entrepreneur, director of DESIGNERS ROUNDTABLE, a creative professionals nationwide peer group, and director of an annual golf tournament benefiting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Her company, Presque Isle Designs, LLC is a small design firm located in Erie, Pa, focused on delivering brand development and management services along with strategic marketing plans. Her clients have ranged from large corporate companies to small businesses. Learn more about Presque Isle Designs here.
Cedric HohnstadtCedric Hohnstadt is a professional illustrator specializing in concept art. He has designed toys for Disney and Hasbro; created advertising comps for Coca-Cola, Target and Best Buy; illustrated packaging for Cocoa Puffs and Orville Redenbacher; supervised the animation of Mr. Potato Head; and designed characters for VeggieTales and for the animated TV series 3-2-1 Penguins! Cedric is also the author of the Pose Drawing Sparkbook, a tool to help artists put more life and personality into their drawings. Learn more about Cedric here.
Strategies for Creative Freelancers – Winter 2014


One day, online event for creative freelancers & creative entrepreneurs


January 30, 2014 (all day, log in at your convenience!) Registration still open!

Registration Fee:


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What’s Different About This Event

  • Learn from your peers! Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from fellow creative freelancers, graphic designers and creative entrepreneurs who have learned how to make freelancing work for them.
  • Participate from anywhere! You can participate in this online event from anywhere you can connect to the internet: at home, at the library, at the coffee shop with your laptop—choose the spot that works best for you – it’s all online! PLUS – this online event brings creatives together to network between live events (like the Creative Freelancer Conference) so you don’t get sucked back into the isolation of working alone.

How it Works

You’ll get a one-day all-access pass to all content, which includes live webinars and pre-recorded videos, the opportunity to participate in live chats and a chance to network with fellow creative freelancers and experts. Registration includes access for one day to live webinars and discussion board chats with experts and peers. PLUS, you’ll get an additional week of access to download all video sessions! That’s right – you’ll own the content!

Who Should Attend

  • Moonlighting freelancers
  • In house designers who may one day go freelance.
  • New freelancers who aren’t sure if they can make freelancing work
  • Current freelancers who want to take their business to the next level


All tracks feature the sessions listed below and a discussion board where you can interact and ask questions throughout the day. Please note that while this event is a one-day, online event, all attendees will have open access to watch videos, download materials and continue conversations on the discussion boards for one week.

  • Freelancing Around the World with Mark Powers, nomadic percussionist, educator and author, in a live Q&A Interview to kick off the day (Jan 30 @ 2pm ET). Mark will talk about how he has developed and manages multiple income streams doing something most people imagine you couldn’t possibly make a living at – and he does it while traveling the world. We’ll learn how Mark has set things up so that his work is fully integrated into his life, allowing him the freedom to travel and truly spend his days doing what he loves, when he’s not working in a café on his laptop. And we’ll hear his unique perspective on “repurposing” what he learns and applying it in completely new and unexpected ways to his own life. Warning: this lifestyle isn’t for everyone but aspects of it can be adapted to anyone’s life — if you dare.
  • Design Mom—Surviving the Freelancing Mother-load with Desiree Walsh Spencer. In the ever-present struggle to be both a good mother and a good designer, Desiree has developed effective time and project management strategies for her life and work. She will share her best practices for working productively from home and describe the way she’s “fire-walled” work and family while operating both from the same space. PLUS she’ll detail how she finds clients who not only value her work but also share her beliefs of work/life/parenting balance.
  • What the heck is “work/life balance” anyway? — Q&A interview with Freelance Writer Tom Tumbusch. As a freelancer, Tom believes he has the freedom — no, the right — to be unavailable and he’s put a number of boundaries in place to keep his work from eating his personal life alive. This entertaining conversation will address issues such as:
    • Does work/life balance actually exist? If so, what are the components…and where does it start?
    • How being so mobile affects work/life balance
    • How to set boundaries and expectations, both at home and with clients
    • Overcoming the fear of setting boundaries
    • Using technology as a tool that promotes your balanced lifestyle (instead of making you a slave to connectivity)
  • A Little Marketing Every Day Goes a Long Way. Your life can’t possibly be balanced if your work pipeline is empty, because then you’re taking everything that comes along which puts you at the mercy of inevitably less-than-ideal clients or projects. To get off that roller coaster, you need a simple marketing plan and you’ll get one as part of this online event. In this live half hour presentation (Jan 30th @ 5pm ET) followed by live Q&A, Ilise Benun will give an overview of what to do every day of the week to keep your pipeline full and your work/life balanced.
  • Getting Your Back Office On Track for 2014 with Donna Olah-Reiken of Preferred Small Business Solutions. If you don’t have your back office set up properly, that can wreak havoc on both your work and your life. In this live Q&A interview (Jan 30th @ 7pm ET), Donna will outline all the elements of your back office that need to be in place to create a strong foundation for a smooth work/life. These elements include:
    • taxes, bookkeeping and accounting
    • contracts, agreements and proposals
    • insurance and computer back up systems and more
  • How do you do your day? An open discussion on the nitty gritty of day-to-day lives of the self employed, whether you work from home, a co-working space or on site for a client. All topics are fair game – we’ll talk about awareness of personal rhythms, making sure you eat (and not taking excessive fridge breaks), how and when to take breaks and other details that 9-5ers take for granted.
  • How to do a passion project. Designer, Jenny Poff of Presque Isle Designs, will share how she conceived and grew her memorial fundraising golf tournament and how it’s unexpectedly helped her grow her design business. If you have an idea for a fundraiser but aren’t sure if it can really work (and how to actually raise money), Jenny will share what she’s learned, especially how she’s encouraged people to rally around and to support her.
  • Kickstarter Tips & Tricks Illustrator (and Intrepid Entrepreneur), Cedric Hohnstadt, on how he used Kickstarter to raise almost double his goal to fund Sparkbook, a supercharged sketchbook. If you’ve ever dreamed of wanting to use crowdfunding for your own project, learn from someone who did it what’s really involved and how it really works. See more details here.
  • How to Stuff 10 Pounds of You-Know What Into a 5-Day Week: Freelancers are expected to perform miracles day by day and week by week—miracles like developing a business while simultaneously expanding creative skills, spending overwhelming hours on clients’ projects while also maintaining connections with family and friends, and dealing with roadblocks and rejections with style and grace. This session (Recorded at the HOW Design Live; presented by a long-time freelancer who knows a thing or two about juggling the demands of life and work) will offer all kinds of ideas and strategies related to performing miracles like these and making it look easy.
  • Be a Better Designer, Be a Better Human: Based on his own history as an illustrator, advertising art director, in-house graphic designer and entrepreneur, 344 Design principal Stefan Bucher will share his own methods for improving the quality of your work and leading a happier creative life. (Recorded at the HOW Design Conference)
  • You’re Grounded: Finding Work/Life Balance: The key to juggling your career, family and personal life, according to Jeni Herberger, is grounding yourself, finding balance is everything you do. She’ll help you evaluate your motivations and priorities, then show you how to set and complete goals based on these options. (Recorded at the HOW Design Conference)
  • Balancing the Work You Love with the Life You Want: You love your work–most of the time, anyway. But how do you make time for all the other things you love? In this session, business/creativity consultant Sheila Campbell gives you the tools to take charge of your life and achieve a better balance of professional and personal. Learn how to set priorities about your passions, how to get control of your time and how more time off actually enhances your work. (Recorded at the HOW Design Conference)

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