User Experience Design: Conceptualizing a Website

A hands-on guide for how to become a UX Designer.

Designing a positive web user experience is one of the most important aspects of developing a website. To do it well, you have to take what you know about an audience, and the content that needs to be accommodated, and create an interaction that’s both intuitive and enjoyable. Websites don’t just need to function well these days, they need to delight. In this course, Brian Miller will walk you through the user experience design process, teaching you how to become a UX designer. You’ll find out how to interpret information architecture documents, create moodboards and metaphors for a site, and how to prepare for the design phase of a web project.

Brian MillerBrian Miller is owner and design director of the Brian Miller Design Group, a small design firm in Norwalk, CT that specializes in branding for the Web and print. He is also the author of Above the Fold, My Design Shop’s number one selling book on Web design in 2011.

Workshop Length:

This course is no longer available online. Please check out the Independent Study version available for purchase in our online store:


  • Learn how to read information architecture documents
  • Learn how and where to apply information architecture learning and information
  • Learn how to create a moodboard to establish a vision for a project
  • Learn what a site metaphor is and how to create a good one
  • Learn about the basics of grid systems, and responsive grid systems
Who Should Take This Course:
  • Experienced print designers making the transition to web and interactive design
  • Creative professionals with basic knowledge of web design

LESSON 1: Understanding information architecture
  • Video: Principles of Information Architecture: A Guide to Thinking Like an Information Architect
  • Reading: Chapter 6 of Above the Fold
  • Assignment
  • Quiz
LESSON 2: Concepts & moodboards
  • Beginning the process
  • Reading: Chapter 4 of Above the Fold
  • Assignment
LESSON 3: Building a UI metaphor
  • What is a metaphor?
  • What metaphor is right for my client and their brand?
  • Reading: Chapter 7 of Above the Fold
  • Assignment
LESSON 4: Preparing the canvas
  • Reading: Chapter 3 of Above the Fold
  • Assignment