What is HOW U?

HOW Design University (HOW U) is an online education program from the publishers of HOW magazine. For 20+ years, HOW has helped designers become more inspired, more creative and more successful through the magazine, books and industry-leading events.

HOW U provides in-depth learning opportunities for busy creative professionals, on your own schedule and in a variety of formats. Our online learning workshops, independent study programs, Design Tutorials and HOW U Video site explore topics that are key to your career growth and success. We offer professional-level continuing education to help you sharpen your skills, strengthen your client partnerships and improve your value to your employer. HOW U will give you the right tools to prepare you for today’s most popular graphic design and web design jobs (see our Job Growth Areas for Creatives Infographic).

How It Works

HOW U offers design education in a variety of formats, so you can choose what works best for you. Select an option below to find out more and visit our FAQ page for answers to commonly asked questions:

What Students Are Saying

“I do not have the money and time for a traditional class. HOW U’s class format and price was great for me. Plus, it’s great to find courses that are targeted towards print designers just starting to learn the web.” — Anna T.

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HOW Design University is for you if:

  • You’re committed to developing a new skill or expertise that will increase your value to your company and grow your partnerships with clients.
  • You’re looking for a deeper dive into a subject area than what you can get from a one-hour web event or industry conference session.
  • You want to learn from experts who have meaningful, relevant, real-world information that you can apply practically and immediately in your work.
  • You seek a learning experience that’s suited to your own pace and schedule.

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